Virtual Reality

The V-R Box
Virtual Reality Box

These are the devices that take you to another world. A virtual world, world of virtual characters.

Not long ago these stuff were science fictions but now, they are coming to life. These are Science Facts now in 2015.

Many companies, especially the cell phone companies has come up with wearables that take an android device to become a VR box. Or VR helmet.

These wearables are made in helmet like structures with different materials, for example google has done it with card boards. And they call it Google Cardboard.
After you got these helmets on your head, there is a chamber where you’ll need to put your smartphone which will be the power, processing and the display unit of your Virtual reality world.
Then the VR box uses the smartphone’s built in sensors to react on the users commands or movements.

Virtual-Reality-Google-Cardboard-Glasses-Cool-Android-Accessory-to-Buy hololens screen-shot-2015-01-21-at-10-49-04-am

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